[H] [Area 52] Long-time Horde raiders LF new raid/mythic+ home

Hey Area 52,

A few of my long-time guildies (some since Vanilla/TBC, but like… many moons) and I have finally come to the realization that our server is RIP. We were 40/25/10 man raiders for a lot of years, but as our guild slimmed down, we’ve mostly been pushing mythic+ and pugging heroic raids. generally, we’re pretty good while remaining fun. But like, 30+ fun. We ain’t young.

But we want back in the raiding game (1-2 weeknights a week, in the 7-10 PM ET server range) and need a new team of Good People Who Are Chill and Also Raid. Honestly, we’re about 4-5 folks (here’s my link) of all roles who could help fill out a B team raid (we’re not looking to push mythic progression, but we definitely want to/can handle mythic when properly geared) or pull our weight on an A team. We come prepped and knowing fights, or at least having the bossfights open.

I’ve got a placeholder toon on server to chat with anyone who might have space for us, let me know!


Hey! I have a guild on area 52 - Abomination. We are currently 8/10H and have been raiding for two weeks. Our raid times are 7:30pm EST - 10:30pm EST on Thursday and Friday. We have a Sunday alt run and people doing keys through out week. If it sounds like something you might be interested in join us in discord. discord.gg/abomination

Hi! My guild is newly transferred to Area 52. We used to be Alliance on Stormrage. We get AOTC each tier and then see how far we can push into mythic. We were 4/10M before we switched. We also have people running m+ every evening and a few pvp-ers.

Raid times are Wed/Thurs 7:15p-10p eastern.
My btag is Nat#11668 and discord is Nat#2906 if you are interested.

Hey there! Add me on discord I would like to talk to you about our guild. We have been here on Area52 since 2009 so we aren’t going anywhere :wink: Might have a spot for everyone. - Aearo#9581

Kitty Whiskers is 10/10H and is looking to add to our team. We push AoTC and run mythic+ dungeons. Hit me up it you are interested. TeddyWstSide#4051 on discord