(H) Area 52 358 Havoc Demon Hunter LFG


Just dinged 120 the other day looking for a raiding/mythic plus guild on the Area 52 server thanks


Well hello there! I’m smitty from the guild [H] Corrupted Cannoli on Area52. We are a group of friends who decided to make a guild. It’s an adult friendly guild with the main goal of making it feel like home. We are brand new still filling up friends. I’m going to be the raid lead, and our goal for raid is to casually progress to AOTC every tier while enjoying everyone company. If time allows we will go into Mythic. While we are recruiting for raids. We are doing M+s to help everyone gear up and to have fun.
We plan on raiding Friday and Saturday 8pm to 11pm EST, or server time.

If this interests you at all, please feel free to contact myself or the guild leader. We will answer all of your questions the best we can, and if you don’t feel like we are a good fit that’s okay! We wish you the best on your journey on finding a home :smiley:
My bnet tag: InTheShadows#1278
Guild leader: Okashiro#11455