[H] [Area 52] 2 Day Hallowed CE SoD 9/11 Mythic SoFo LF Heals/DPS


About Us

Hallowed is returning after a lengthy break to raid in Shadowlands and beyond. Our roots are steeped in competitive raiding dating back to Cataclysm and continuing through till Legion, hovering anywhere between U.S. 40th to 100th for much of that time. Shadowlands has rekindled the fire to kill internet bosses once again while enjoying the company of people with a similar desire. We no longer have the aspirations to compete at such a high level as we’re content with our past accomplishments and would like to establish a new environment that is heavily team centric. Our focus is to grow into a guild that works through heroics and into mythics with cutting edge ability as we progress throughout the tiers understanding that the road ahead is long and the journey is much more interesting then the final destination.

What we’re looking for

Good natured humans with an interest in raiding as a hobby. The ability to collaborate with your teammates productively and respectfully; this includes but is not limited to analyzing logs to better understand where mistakes are being made, showing up on time and prepared using the resources that have been provided and giving and receiving constructive criticism. Mythic raiding experience is a plus but by no means essential. If you have a desire and the requisite skills to go along with a mind that loves to learn and soak up information we are open to helping you become a mythic raider. We are more interested in the person then the raider, this cannot be overstated. We’re building for the long term and will sacrifice short term goals to achieve this. If you happen to be a brilliant player but it’s not a good fit we will part ways. Unfortunately the opposite is also true if you’re a great person but can’t figure out raiding and all that comes with it then you also won’t be a good fit ( but we would still love to have you in the guild ). Keeping up with the latest theory crafting and applying it is mandatory as well as strong raid mechanics and a positive attitude.

What you can expect from us

A well run and organized raid by people who have done it for over half a decade. Consumables will be provided and resources to help prepare for bosses will be shared. Although the raiding hours are quite casual the impetus is to have a solid team structure so we waste as little time as possible. Though we are just getting started you can expect us to work hard, help where it’s needed and know that we’re doing this cause we truly enjoy raiding. We are firmly entrenched in the process of working with and helping people get better. Beating bosses means nothing, doing it with people you’ve fought along and grown with means everything.

Who won’t be a good fit

This is important as it saves both yours and our time. We’re focused on building relationships and strong habits. This will take time and won’t be for everyone and we won’t upend our long term goals for short term gains. We will be progressing through heroics and into mythics with the long term goal being Cutting Edge. There is no shortcuts and ultimately you need to be able to embrace and find fun in being part of the building blocks of a returning guild.

Meat and Potatoes

Located on AREA 52-High pop raiding server
Raid times: Tuesday and Thursday from 7 PST until 10 30 PST.
Add-ons required: DBM/Bigwigs, ERT, Weak Aura’s.
Discord required as well as a working mic.
We are an all inclusive guild: No hate speech, racism or sexism.
Loot is leaning towards personal as we start but will be revisited in the future.


Fill out a quick google form app and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Cutting Edge SoD

Application Link: https://forms.gle/D4XjwmPsDFbt3SQf9

You can also add me on bnet to talk: Limelight#1246 or jwalker#1624

Thanks for reading and good luck in Shadowlands.

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