[H] Aotc Guild, Wed/Mon 8-11pm svt

< Mechanics are for Cars > Is an aotc guild comprised of experienced Aotc and Mythic raiders. Our group is a mix of irl mates and ones we’ve picked up along the way in previous guilds. Our core group boasts a laid-back, welcoming attitude and we’re keen to find more like-minded raiders to join our team for shadowlands.

We appreciate and understand life isn’t always consistent and family comes first, people burn out or circumstances might change. Our goal is to create a great community people enjoy being apart of and want to come back to.

Whilst we do expect raiders to be putting in effort and doing their best, social fit is just as important to us. We are a mature and laid back group with a low tolerance for vague complaining, but always open to constructive criticism.

At the end of the day, we’re all here to progress and have fun doing it. We expect to clear Heroic at a semi-competitive rate and hopefully dabble in some mythic.

Currently recruiting 1 Tank, all DPS classes, and healers. We can shuffle our own roles to accommodate group applications!


Currently 10/10N 4/10H but still recruiting for AoTC push!