[H] <Any Goers> 10/10 H 5/10 M (W/F 8-11 EST)

The OOKin guild is currently recruiting EXCEPTIONAL DPS to round out our composition for Mythic (currently 5/10). Also looking for Healers to help fill as back up.

Shriekwing - 1/8
Huntsman - 1/8
Hungering - 1/29
Xymox - 2/17
Sun King - 3/5
Inerva - Progging

Outside of raid we regularly are pushing mythic+ dungeons, including several 14+ dungeons throughout the week, and have several people pushing RBGs.

If interested, contact us at:

BNet: PlushRumpus#1921, Buffrat#1566, or Hotdinner#1198.
Discord: weeb#9444

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Big dongers

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WeebslayerXD is a big goer allegedly.

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yeah but what about our Naxx progression

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Sometimes I like to ooga. Other times Iā€™d rather booga.

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