[H] Any +8GMT guilds Horde side?

Hey guys, Just wondering if there’s any Perth/SG guilds that raid / plan on raiding around +8 GMT?

Now that daylight savings has kicked in, the 3 hour time difference kills any chance of attending a raid that runs on the AEST.


Hey Kopitiam sounds like the guild for you!

We are a GMT+8 guild on Felstriker looking to recruit a few more to start raiding soon. Raid days / times have yet to be decided but looking at possibly a 8pm (GMT+8) start Wed / Thurs (subject to change)

Currently have about 20 active lvl 60’s that run dungeons / UBRS raids actively with another 10-15 that will be hitting 60 soon and we are looking to start raids in the near future.

We are made up of mostly SG/MY players with a few Australians.