[H] <ANARCHY> on server |Sulfuras Eastern time zone|

Is your server slowing down and you have tried all of the decent guilds on your server?
Well we are looking for server transfers for our BWL progression.

1/1 Ony, 10/10 MC presubmerge rag, sub 2hrs.
2/8 BWL (progression) Suppression Room completed first attempt.

We are looking for any Healer/DPS to fill out our Core raider slots

We use the CEPGP loot system

Raid times are Friday 11 pm–2 am and Sunday 8 pm–11 pm.

Make a level 1 on Sulfuras and talked to anyone below if you have questions.

Message Macstabber, Androc, Putts, Caja, Stacob or Linda in game for more info!