[H] Altoholic LF Raiding Guild AM PST Raid Times

Hey everyone,

I have a 60 Warrior, Rogue, Priest Heals, Shaman Heals, Warlock, & Hunter and working on a mage and druid in their 40’s.

I am hoping to find a guild that raids in the AM Server Time (PST). All of my 60’s are in pre-raid bis and enchanted, am willing to play on whatever toon the guild is in need of.

Thanks for any and all considerations & recommendations!


Hi TuhTuh,

If interested we raid 4 pm Sunday and Tuesday at 6 pm. Guild Unemployed - Newer guild looking to add to our core. We have ony/zg on farm and progressing on Ragnaros and starting BWL soon.

U can add my bet tag: Riceworker#1714

We’re in need of resto shaman heals! Thanks :slight_smile: