[H] Alleria need-want guildies (depressed)

I’ve been playing since '05 (not terribly well mind you). All of my ‘friends’ have bailed on me and transferred servers. I have been trying to find a casual guild for some time now. I even tried my hand at forming a guild but ran around Org offering thousands of gold for sigs. Problem was, I couldn’t find a single Allerian player in the entire time I was there over a several day period.

Is there a home for me? Send me a tell please if you have a guild in game and have a cure for my guildlessness. Or send me an in-game mail and let me know you care (or that you don’t) at least it’s mail

Join Alliance and you can join my guild strength and honor,
I am not on all the time, but you can invite more people as well. and it is a just for fun guild.

Mythin Inc is a new guild on Alleria. Do a /who Mythic Inc search and ask for a invite.

Hey friend! It looks like you found a home! If that doesn’t work out please feel free to message me anytime you see me online & we can find you a place in ARB (A Rancid Bunch) we’re a casual raising guild with lots of room for new friends to hangout.