[H] <Aether Vial> Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri | 10M Heroic Raid Guild | LF Rogue or Ret Paladin

About Us:

We are a newly formed Horde guild here on Mankrik that is looking to be primarily focusing on 10M heroic content going into Cataclysm and beyond. While the guild is new, our core player base is made up of high-end raiders spanning back to the original WotLK and most of us have been playing together for 10+ years. We are looking for a few more raiders fill out the rest of our ranks and head into Cata strong!

If you’re also just looking for a chill guild to hang out in and level and socialize, anyone is welcome to join!

Raiding Information:

Team 1: Tues/Thurs 6-9PM EST/ST.
Team 2: Wed/Fri 9PM-12AM EST/ST.

10 Man Team 1 Recruitment Needs

  • Rogue
  • Ret Paladin

10 Man Team 2 Recruitment Needs


Battle tag: deristus#1450
Discord: deristus

Updated 6/14/24


Still looking for players to push content during Cata! Come have fun, chill, and kill dragons!

Yeah, what I said. Just on the right char this time >.>

Team one is looking for SV Hunter & Arms warrior. Our other raid team just needs a ret or holy paladin! Come join the fun!

With Cata approaching closer and closer, we’re still looking to find our SV Hunter and Arms Warrior! Start this expansion off right and blazing!