[H/A] RP Event - Club Night Owl's Winter Rave

(Alarís) #1

Club Night Owl is a dance club that hosts monthly events at The Howling Owl, just upstairs from the rustic coffee shop!

A Winter Rave hosted by Saeil Moonblade and Orlando Alleandruin. There will be bartenders serving drinks and music by DJ Moonblade and DJ Spite!

When: Tuesday, December 18th, 6PM WrA server time

Location: Mistfall Village, Vale of Eternal Blossoms

We will be in the upstairs of the tavern, the biggest building!

All races and factions are welcome!

If you’d like a calendar invite, please reply with your in game name! Or feel free to just show up!

Full flyer: tinyurldotcom/DecClubNightOwl


A week away!

(Alarís) #3

Just a few days away!


Just a couple days away! Come out on Tuesday and have some fun with us!


This is tonight!