[H/A] Lf Early Morning or Late Night guilds


Hello! Old wow player returning after a few years off. Since I have a whacky work schedule im only available early morning or late nights. I live in CA, so PST would be preferable.

I would be rolling a new toon, unless your server matches one of the toons I have. I do have heirlooms though!

I love to raid and pvp, I’ll be an active player and I’m super friendly!


Hey Delco, not sure how early you are looking for, but Morning Mayhem [A] is on Stormrage which is an East Coast server and our raid times are 930 EST to 1200 EST, which would be 0630 PST to 0900 PST. If this would interest you, let me know. My B-tag is Caladin#1631. Thank you