[H] & [A] <Casual Friday> Mythic+ Focused | 1 Night/Week Raiding |All Skills, Schedules, and Interests Welcome

----Casual Friday----

----Cross-Faction, Cross-Server----

----Casual in time, but not approach----

What is Casual Friday?

Casual Friday is a WoW community and guild built around group PvE content. Our leaders, Jivitz (Discord/BattleTag: Jivitz#1255) and Hayword (Discord/BattleTag: Hayword#1907), have roughly a combined 87 years of experience leading groups and guilds in WoW. While we both have deep Mythic raiding experience, we have zero intent to push into Mythic raiding with Casual Friday. Our goal is to complete AOTC Ahead of the Curve achievements while raiding only one night a week (Wednesday at 8:30 ET). We also host a Friday night event called Mythic+ Madness. Details below. :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated::dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

The best part of our group is that we have no expectations for your attendance. Most of our members are in their 30s, so you can expect gaming sometimes takes a back seat to life. We only ask that you be a not-so-terrible human being and let us know if you will not be in attendance or are running late.

When joining, there is no trial process, we want you to play the class and spec you have the most fun as (within reason for group composition), and participating is kind of a “choose your own adventure” book. We host the events, get them posted to Discord, but it’s on you to show up and participate in the chatter that goes on throughout the day in Discord.


What is Mythic+ Madness?

This is our most popular event! Each Friday night at 9 PM ET, we assemble a raid of warm bodies brave adventurers. Then we split the facerollers intrepid dungeoners into Mythic+ groups and run a dungeon. After each dungeon is complete, each keyboard turner audacious swashbuckler reassembles into a raid and we scramble the groups. It’s a great way to meet people in the guild, especially when there’s conversations to be had while some groups are getting destroyed by doing too high a key work to finish their dungeon.

We typically hover around doing +15s, even organizing to help people complete their Keystone Master achievement. That said, we are most excited when we get to introduce Mythic+ to somebody that has never tried it before or is unfamiliar with how it works. All skill levels are welcome! We also have a handful of sweaty nerds try-hards enterprising dungeon spelunkers that enjoy pushing keys into the 20-25 range. :dracthyr_sweat:

Outside of our Friday night Mythic+ Madness event, community members are constantly running keys. Just hop into Discord and type @mythicplus in the #mythic-plus channel when you are looking to run something and you will likely get a few responses.


What are Casual Friday’s raids like?

We raid on Wednesday nights at 8:30 PM ET. In Dragonflight, we plan to work to complete each raid on normal difficulty and finish the boss skip quest (roughly 4-6 weeks). The next few weeks, we continue to farm bosses after the skip while also progressing into heroic. After we get deep enough into heroic or the post-skip normal gear is obsolete for our raid group, we dedicate all of our time to completing the heroic raid.

Since we only raid one night a week, we set minimum, yet manageable, item level requirements based on the content we are completing. Normal is set to be as inclusive as possible while heroic could require some outside activity in Mythic+, crafting, or PvP to be eligible to participate, depending on how lucky you’ve been in the Normal raid. Outside of ilvl requirements, we expect our heroic raiders to come to the raid with fight knowledge, know what talents they should use, be fully enchanted, and consumables galore.


What is Casual Friday looking for?

The key to our participating in our community is being flexible. Since we do not have attendance expectations, there could be times where we need a tank or healer, or have too many tanks or healers. Also, since we Mythic+ essentially requires twice as many tanks as the size of our typical raid, we always seem to need more DPS in the raid that can flex to tanks for M+. With all this being said, play what you want and we’ll figure out the rest.

We literally accept anyone. But, some of y’all like to know what is in demand. The below class requests are subject to change, but based on what our raid and M+ Madness events seem to need:

  1. Tanks of any variety, especially those that can flex to DPS.

  2. Priests of any variety. Especially if talented for Fortitude

  3. Demon hunters that go pew pew. If we don’t move, they can’t see us

  4. Rogues of any variety. Yes, I’ll take a combo point #5

  5. Warriors of any variety. Especially if talented for Battle Shout

  6. Mages of any variety. Especially if talented for Arcane Intellect

  7. Death knights of any variety. You’ve got a death grip on my heart strike!

  8. Monks of any variety. Welcome to the house of the Rising Sun Kick!

  9. Enhancement shamans. In the words of Oprah Windfury: YOU GET A BONUS ATTACK AND YOU GET A BONUS ATTACK!


I’ve read enough! How do I join?!

So you’ve read the post and think Casual Friday is too good to be true, or you’re just a glutton for long-winded textual punishment. You can follow these simple steps to success:

  1. Join our Discord by by going to https://discord.gg/GAVGYPPRgX

  2. Read and accept our community standards, which are pretty good guidelines to not being terrible human beings. Most importantly, we have no tolerance for toxicity.

  3. Go to the #roles channel to choose your roles, color your Discord name, and click the Casual Friday Emoji for access to the rest of the server.

  4. Once you have access, introduce yourself in the #welcome channel and post one of your favorite gifs.

  5. Join the WoW community posted in Discord and, if on Horde on Area-52 or Alliance on Stormrage, join the Casual Friday guild. Anyone can invite.

  6. Remember that the community is what you make it, so participation is key. Going through the trouble of reading this post, following all of our instructions, and then not participating in the conversation is not good for anyone.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out toJivitz or Hayword at any of the contact methods listed above. We rarely check replies to this post, so be sure to find us in Discord or Battlenet. :dracthyr_nod:


Looking forward to all the fated fun and slime kitties for all! Stoked to run new M+ dungeons as well. Missed Legion so Karazhan should be a blast.

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Nothing better than pickle beer and mythic+ on a Friday night :beer: :cucumber:

I’m just posting so I don’t get fined

Sometimes they try to force their pickle beer agenda on me, but other than that it’s great! Afternoon bump!

Come and get your keys done with us!

Stop pugging those keys and join Casual Friday! We know where the interrupt and soothe buttons are. :dracthyr_yay_animated:

Looking to add a few more, especially a tank, to tonight’s Heroic clear. Damn you Lich King!!! lol. Yobogoya will make you jump for joya! :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

I found this community a couple months ago while looking to catch up on quests before DF launched. Ended up enjoying the community so much I turned what was supposed to be a blip in and back out into staying to hang out! They’ve been super patient and willing to even teach me the ropes of season 4 m+, and it’s been a lot of fun. If you’re looking for a chill group of people that are there both to have fun and get stuff done this is the guild and community for you!