[H/A][Area-52]414 BrM Tank LF 12AM-10AM H+ Progression guild


414 BrM Monk LF H Guild [Currently H - Area 52, Willing to Faction Change/Server Transfer] with dreams of one day being a M Progression guild. LF raid that starts anywhere from 12:00AM EST(Midnight)-10:00AM EST (Must be finished by 1:00PM) Sunday Night-Friday Morning.

Also have every other tank at 120, willing to quickly gear and raid on any other class.

Previously 6/8 M in Uldir as DPS (Fultzwarlock), tanked up to 6/9H in BoD living the pug life, and currently 6/8N in eternal palace. Been raiding off and on for the last 13 years (I’m active duty military and that sometimes prevents me from playing online games). I’ve always been interested in tanking and have finally decided to go all in and get serious about it.

Some pros about me:
*I always come prepared (Comsumables, Research Strats etc)
*Extremly punctual. Almost always online at least 30 minutes before raid (On EXTREMLY rare cases work may hinder this, but I will always let you know via discord IF it does happen)
*Know the in’s and out’s of my class and spec. I am always activly keeping up in the class discords, guides and any other available resources to ensure I’m at the top of my game.
*I have a lot of alts that I enjoy playing on the side. As such I tend to do a ton of research on other classes and specs. By no means am I an elitest, I do this to be a better player even on alts. This means that I’m always more than happy to sit down with somebody and help them learn and improve. If they ask of course, I’m not rude about it lol

  • Most important of all I enjoy progression! I actually enjoy wiping on a boss, analyzing what went wrong and doing a little better each time until it all finally comes together.


Still looking