[H] 9/10M - T/W - CE-focused drama-free guild - LF brew, melee, boomkin, mage

Absolutely. We have quite a few key runners in the guild that are more on the casual side regarding raiding. Feel free to ping me and we can talk.

Get back up there. Looking for healers!

Still hunting for a healer!

Get back up there!

Quick push before reset.

quick nudge to the top for new recruitment drive.

Still looking! :eyes:

Bump, add me to discuss options for next weeks raid. Working through Sludge.

Bada Bing, Bada Boom, Realest guild in the room.

do you have a side team the runs a casual fri/sat?

Not atm, but we might put something together for the next tier.

Tippity Top, available tonight to chat with folks.

Still hunting dps.

still looking for 2 dps.

Bump it up

The roster boss has had the same mechanics for 15 years… Bump post, don’t stand in fire…

Let’s find that special someone!

pushing to the top for reset.

Bump it up.

Lets get this week going!