[H] ~ 9/10M {Grime Squad} - Illidan - LFM - Wed/Thurs 8-11 EST

Grime Squad is currently looking for more people for our mythic team. Currently 9/10M and looking to round out the progression roster for CE push and 9.2. Laid back atmosphere with top banter.

Looking for:
1 DPS: Boomkin, Warrior, and DK of high interest but open to any high performing players.

Grime Squad is on Illidan and raids on Wednesday/Thursday from 8-11 EST (7-10 Server).

Reach out to me on Discord: shovelface#8725
or Pelow on Discord: Pelow#8459

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Bump! Make some friends, kill some bosses, have a good time.

Need a strong healer as we prog through ner’zhul and soulrender :slight_smile:

bump, raid is always a good time with these guys (:

Still looking for 1 dps and 1 healer

Looking for that sweet boomie love!

come raid, it’s lit

Need some resto sham love as we prog on painsmith <3

Still looking for more. Come join us.

Looking for another DPS to help us bring down Painsmith… <25% pulls!

onto fatescribe

Let’s get that CE lads. Anyone here play TFT?

bump, till looking :smiley:

Hey there, I’m a Arcane Mage whose guild just fell apart at Painsmith prog. Getting to p3 pretty consistently but attendance and small team size crushed us. Currently figuring out my future and don’t want to lose momentum. If you have rdps space I’d love to slot in if eligible.

Character’s name is Kholio-Zul’jin if you want to look up my logs or raider io

Discord: pomey#3252

Still need one more strong dps to join the squad.

Reach out on discord if you’re interested, still looking!

Bumpty bump

bump it up in here, time to down the Banshee QUEEN!

Reach out if you’re keen, looking for people to push for CE and roll into 9.2!

bump, reach out!