[H] 8/8 Feral tank/dps/resto druid LF raiding guild

Hello, my 8/8 BWL guild of 9 months transferred off my server. I didn’t want to go to the server they went to. I am looking for a new guild and server to transfer to (my server is very low pop on horde side), I mainly play feral tank and dps in raids, for the past few months I was one of the 3 MT since one of our tanks left. If you search my name (Incendius-NA) on Warcraft logs you can see that I have decent parses (mostly w/o world buffs since we’ve been camped by alliance on the server for months).

I am looking for a semi-hardcore 8/8 BWL guild that is interested in AQ progression and needs/doesn’t mind having a good feral druid. I also have a pretty decent resto set with 550+ healing but I rarely play resto and would prefer to stay as feral. I have experience playing all 3 roles on all the current content. If you’re interested in me I’d be happy to chat over Discord @Bearnaked#4388. Thanks!