[H] 8/9M MW/WW or Boomkin lf guild


Hi! I recently decided to swap my characters horde to play with some friends and looking for a guild still progging on Jaina or reclearing BoD to finish out the tier.
418/416 MW/WW monk, currently 2300 r io as MW, I also have a Boomkin that I mained until we needed another healer on Conclave prog which is 414.
Looking for a guild that raids between Tuesday and Thursday preferably, but can make other days work.
Discord: Tickitty#6491
Btag: Tickitty#1310


Are you only looking for a guild that’s 8/9? We’re currently 6/9M and reached 3% on Mekka but some of our raiders have been really pulling us down. If you’re interested in progression from that point on add me on battlenet for a discussion.



Hey, we’re currently 8/9M and we raid Tues/Thurs 7-10:30pm PST. If this sounds like it’d work for you, contact me on bnet at Hijacks#1262. Definitely interested in having you join us. :smiley: