[H] 8/9 M, 2/2H COS Havoc DH & Spriest looking for new home!


Hello, me and my priest buddy are looking for a new home! Currently have multiple mythic boss kills in BoD with over 200 attempts on Mythic Jaina as well as 2/2 Heroic COS. Our guild just recently crumbled under in-game drama and are looking for a stable and highly competitive raiding guild that are looking to make a name for themselves. We understand package deals can be risky, and will be open to constructive class swapping for certain boss combinations. Can do special assignments and adapt quickly to new tactics. Excited for competing overall!
Best Mythic Jaina attempt: 17%

Normally prefer PST but can make some later EST, if it’s a good fit we might be able to make it work! Just reach out if you have any more questions.

Ryó-Hyjal (2250 IO) 419 iLvL
Dædæ-Hyjal (1426 IO) 416 iLvL ((Can flex between disc and holy as well))(((Also has Resto Druid if needed)))

Message us for Logs!

Battletag: Ryo#12841
Discord: Ryo#5685

We are horde and would like to stay horde.

Post here or reach out on those tags if interested!


Hello! We’re continuing the search!


hello my old friend


Actively searching


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looking still