[H] 7/8M Balanced | Tichondrius | CE | M/W/Th


M/W/Th 6p-9p Pacific

About us

Balanced is a progression minded group of raiders that first formed at the start of Shadowlands, achieving CE in Nathria on a two night schedule. We took a break during SoD and are now reforming for Dragonflight. Our main goal is to achieve CE on a three night schedule while offering a genuinely non-toxic, collaborative, and efficient raiding experience.

Check out our for fun Youtube youtube. com/channel/UC80IDMnhLERE2IcatXCMSJg :slight_smile:

Current needs

We are specifically looking to fill one ranged DPS but anyone with a recent history of CE are welcome to get in touch!

How to apply

Submit an application at tinyurl. com/balanced-application or reach out to one of us through Battle.net.

Battle.net contacts

jayc#11573, TheTeaPanda#1595, Tmoria#1675


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