[H] 60 Healing Priest LF Raiding Guild

Hey there, I’m a 60 priest looking to join to a guild that raids on a weekly basis. Timezone is same as server time and am open to respeccing dependant on guild’s needs.

My vanilla experience was knowledge of everything up until Sapphiron in Naxx since I stopped playing in WOTLK. My btag is Bmillz#1300 if you’d like to chat while I am not in-game :slight_smile:

Hey whats up. We have a raiding guild that is looking for healing priests. We raid Fri-Sat 7pm-11pm server. Its a pretty chill group we have a reworked EPGP system for loot so the loot get spread around and we are heavily prepped for AQ. Hmu if you are still looking. We have a lot of fun and still clear at a decent speed (usually 1 shot all the bosses.) Currently clearing bwl and mc Fri night. Nhaz#1301

Hi we’re also recruiting healing priests. Unemployed Horde on Thunderfury. Progressing in BWL and MC/ONY/ZG on farm. We raids Sunday 6 server and Monday 6 server. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions: Battletag: Riceworker#1714