[H] 60 fury warrior looking for EST guild

Been a vanilla player for 15 years. Returned to classic for about a year or so but ended up on a PST server because of west coast friends. Now they don’t play anymore so i am willing to find a home to fit eastern time zone. 7-10pm would be ideal but can extend slightly.

Currently 13/15. Fury spec with 4/8 tier with reel so can tank 4H. Full frost resist mail gear for dps. Always prepared with world buff consumes etc.

Willing to pay to transfer.

Discord ID dingzi#8526

Not perfect but always willing to improve

We’re more shooting for R. Shaman and Mage, but I don’t think the officers would sniff at a geared DPS warrior.

I actually do have a shaman, but stopped gearing around t2 and only runs mc bwl gdkp for main’s consume

Hi there Dingzi, Dauntless is seeking to add to its 11/15 Naxx raid team. We currently lost a couple players to the slog that is Naxx. We raid Sat, Sun, Mon 9-12 cst on the server Atiesh. It is a PST server but our raid times are a bit later when you convert them over. For est that would be 10-1 so I understand thats a bit later than your initial time frame. If it works out anyway, let me know and we can talk more.