[H] 6/8H <Breaking Game Balance> Recruiting All for Eternal Palace

(Dayuni) #21

Game of Thrones tonight, drinking that Lagavulin 18.

(Jinxed) #22

OOO Syby i am interested, and Day, How about that episode!!!

(Dayuni) #23

I hate the time-skipping, although I see it as a necessary evil at this point. Totally called out the turn in perception for a couple of characters. Apparently quite a few fans did not enjoy it, but me gusta.

Still have my bet on Jamie getting the Iron Throne alive & well.

(Jinxed) #24

Still need some DPS DK’s

(Dayuni) #25

Gonna get the Mekkatorque mount on the kill, bet.

(Dayuni) #26

Meekatorque, more like ‘Mekka-dork’! :drum: buh dum, tiss :drum:

(Jinxed) #27

lol, thats kinda funny


Mekka Tonight!!!

(Kixxi) #29


(Dayuni) #30

Gun get that 7/9, bet

(Jinxed) #31

32% First full night on Mekka!!!

(Dayuni) #32

Whelp, looks like i need an entire new azerite set for ele.

(Dayuni) #33

So close to the kill you can smell it. Mekka next Wed & onto that Blocky Boi.

(Jinxed) #34

15% first week on mekka… He dies Wednesday… Lets go Stormwall

(Dayuni) #35

Jaina nerfs, CE on that horizon. We are Hope!

(Dayuni) #36

EG vs Secret, leggo team

(Dayuni) #37

MDL matches were so good today. 10/10 tournament so far.

(Jinxed) #38

Accepting ALL Applications for CE

(Dayuni) #39

Happy mothers day

(Dayuni) #40

Whelp, my theory on who holds the throne in aSoIaF is wrong.