[H] 5/12M 477 Arms Warrior LF 2 or 3 Day Guild

Hey guys! Looking for a long term mythic raiding guild. I am currently 5/12M Nya 6/8M EP, and 3/9M BoD (I started late this expansion). My guild is currently 11/12M but due to work related issues I had to opt out of raiding as I could no longer commit to the raid times 100%

I returned to WoW this xpac and after raiding a bit with an old guild that I had been part of in Legion moved to my current guild. The only issues that I currently have with my guild is a conflict in work schedule/raid times that I had been previously able to work around, but now, no longer can. I am looking for somewhere with a similar environment, very relaxed, active and constructive with great raid leading and progression. I am hoping to faction swap as I am preferably a horde player and had swapped to ally to play with a friend who no longer plays.

I am hopping to make this my last move so long as the times line up with work and the environment is akin to the great one I am used to now.

Preferably looking for a 2 day guild but would be open to 3 depending on the days and times. Raid times must be over by 11pm EST for me to be able to commit to raid times 100%

I also typically maintain 1 or 2 alts that are raid ready in the event of situational raid encounters/nerfs/buffs/etc

Warrior Armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/us/whisperwind/xbones

Rogue Armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/us/whisperwind/krossbones

Disc Krossbones#7224
Bnet Schekt#1374