[H] 5 x Cutting Edge Player LF 2/3 D/Week Guild

Cutting Edge - Archimonde (US 250)
Cutting Edge - Xavius (US 125)
Cutting Edge - Helya (US 125)
Cutting Edge - Gul’Dan (US 90)
Cutting Edge - Argus (US 30)

Ended Legion in US 25th guild looking to push pretty hard moving into BFA. Come BFA, getting used to college, and trying to raid 20 hrs / week + keeping characters up to date with rep, world quests, azerite, and all the other systems was not working out.

Took the rest of BFA off, focused on real life stuff, and am now looking to start raiding again moving into Shadowlands, however not committing nearly as much time to it as before.

Looking For: 3 Day / Week - 9 Hrs / Week

Main Character: Demon Hunter
Alt Character: Hunter

Please contact for available logs:

  • Argus
  • Tomb
  • Nighthold
  • Emerald Nightmare

Btag : Cix#11241
Discord : Cix#0173

Hey Cix,

Seven is a 6 hour a week raiding guild that hopes to be pushing CE in SL

Looking for 9/hr week max Horde Raiding Guild