[H] 477 5/12m Brewmaster Monk LF Mythic Raiding Guild

Hello everyone. I am a 477 brewmaster who is currently 5/12m with 20% attempts on Raden and 40% attempts on Drestagath. I am looking for a mythic raiding guild that is currently 5/12m or better and are wanting to achieve cutting edge or at least very close before going into shadowlands.

A little about myself I have had heroic/mythic raiding experience from Cata all the way to BFA. In WOD I was in a top 400 US guild that I helped build from the ground up as a brewmaster tank. In Legion, I switched to DH and only raided in Nighthold but joined a 3/10m guild and quickly helped them acquire many more mythic kills that tier. I know what is necessary to push mythic content. I come to raids prepared, learn fights, and rarely make mistakes. Any mistakes I do make I make sure not to make them again.

The schedule is relatively free and while I would prefer to only raid two days a week I am open to raiding more days given the right group.

If you would like to chat
Battle.net: Solax10#1747
Discord: Solax10#3563

Hey Salex, we could use a mw monk for our raid team. If you are willing to faction change and can make our raid times, maybe we could be an option for you. Please check us out, you can learn more about us in the link provided: [A] 10/12M 8-11pm PST 3Day 12 year guild LF DPS/Heals