[H] 470+ Mage or DH or Pal or Warlock 12/12M Exp

12/12M Experienced
I have Mage, DH, Paladin, and Warlock alts that are all 470+.

Progressed N’zoth on 2 different characters. I’m not really interested in sitting through progression on a 3rd character, sorry; however, I would consider a guild that’s at least farming Mythic Raden.

Lok’gar, Invincible!

Cinder and Ash - Mal’ganis Horde raids Friday / Saturday 7-10 central. We’re 9/12M and plan on doing the requisite full clears for the carapace skip once Drest is down, so plenty of Raden farming ahead.

We’d be interested in your Lock or Mage.

Paeoni - Ember#1670 bnet

My guild, Exodus is 11/12M currently on the last phase of N’zoth. We have a need for a strong, competent Demon Hunter if you’re interested. McCowan#1297. We raid Monday and Wednesday from 7-10 PM CST. Probably one of the better 2 night guilds out there for the amount of time we raid each week. Your mage would also be of interest :slight_smile: