[H] 466 Fire Mage


I’ve played mage for numerous expansions, across numerous tiers and have played all three specs at a cutting edge level.

I’m returning to the game now to find a solid location for myself going in to Shadowlands.

Previously raided anywhere from US top 30 -> 60.

CE: Garrosh Hellscream
CE: Archimonde
CE: Kj
CE: Argus
CE: Ghuun (Famed Slayer).

Long standing officer core
Calm environment
More than raid loggers

I am only looking to raid on Horde, server transfers are fine of course. Times will work, I have the ability to adjust my work schedule as needed.

Leave btags below.


Come hit us up! [H] Returning weekend guild lfm 12/12H


We’re on the market for 1-2 more Mages and some ranged for our raid. I’ll leave our spam below. If you seem interested and would like to chat prior to an app, feel free to reach out :slight_smile:

Xumie#1849 is my Bnet, Icetea#9130 is Discord.

The Vortex @ [H] US - Thrall

The Vortex (formerly Vortex, Turalyon) is a guild that focuses on Mythic raiding, Mythic+ and other social in-game content! We have been on Turalyon since 2008, have weathered all the ups and downs WoW has thrown at us and we are still going strong! As we near the end of BfA we have made the move to Thrall to enjoy a more robust community and to continue progressing.
We aim for a 22-25 person roster with a 85% attendance requirement expected over our 2 day raid week. We are looking for players willing to join our family of raiders and progress with us throughout each expansion. If you are new to mythic, or stuck doing heroic pugs each week, please apply. We want your willingness to learn and grow as a player in a team environment.

Current Progression:
5/12M Ny’alotha (12/12H)
6/8M EP
9/9 BOD (CE)

Raid times
Tuesday: 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST
Thursday: 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST
Goal : Push CE each tier as we’ve done in BfA and past expansions.
Needs : Focusing heavily on ranged DPS (Mage, Warlock, Hunter) but superior applicants are always welcome.

Seem interested? Toss an application in! :slight_smile:


[Area 52] 2 Day 3/12M [US-Horde]

TLDR: Casual to Semi-Hardcore Mythic Progression .
Tight knit group of people, with a competitive nature.

Also Looking for Mythic plus pushers

What We Expect

Have a fun competitive nature, while thinking about a min-max attitude. Be able to take constructive criticism about your role, class or attitude. Have a good attendance.

Raids every Tuesday and Wednesday 8:00PM-10:30PM EST.
During raids we always have cauldrons, feasts, gems and enchants

Mandatory Add-Ons

Current Raiding Needs For Raid Team

Tanks: Recruiting one Tank

Healers: Recruiting Healers

DPS: Recruiting DPS prefered fire mage

For more info or to ask some questions don’t hesitate to PM my

Bnet dakingldj#1277
Discord dakingldj#8625 (best option)
Bnet Italstallion#11857
Discord Italianstallion#0252
Bnet Hallster#1619
Discord Halltrino#4108

Hey there! I have a 4/12M Nya horde guild LFM. TUE/WED 915-1215 Eastern raid times. I can discuss a lot more in detail if ya add me :smiley:

Hey there Bfa! Would love to talk to ya, feel free to add me hamster#11650.
Cant wait to speak with you!

CthUwU is a Mythic focused raiding guild now located on Illidan(Previously stormreaver)

We are currently 7/12m with only a month of raiding under our belt
Our goal for this tier is to achieve CE at a relatively fast pace.

We welcome healthy competition and value activity/capability within a role as one of the strongest aspects in a player.

Potential applicants should have previous mythic/heroic experience or extensive previous raiding experience. Successful applicants should have thorough knowledge of their class and roles.

Raid times: Tuesday through Thursday 9:00PM - 12:00PM EST

Our players are mature, driven, competitive, and always looking to improve themselves and their fellow raiders. Over the years, we have learned to give and take criticism and communicate our goals with each other in a collaborative, professional, progression-minded atmosphere.

We prioritize maintaining a positive and constructive raid environment. We expect our raiders to understand and execute their designated assignments for each boss and endure the meta changes with constant research of their class.

please add me on Discord Manabanana#6288 if you have further questions.
or you can add me on bnet: texic#1930
Look forward to talking with you!

Black Omen is an Area 52 Horde guild that raids Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-11 PM EST.
We are primarily a Heroic raiding guild, but after completing that difficulty we strive to make an attempt at some Mythic raiding. Mythic raiding is optional for all raiders as it is not our main focus. During Eternal Palace the guild had a change in leadership and is moving forward with a more serious approach to raiding.
Progression :
Nya: 12/12H

About Us :
Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday: 8pm – 11pm EST (Server Time)
Progression fights we require all members to be ready to go, on time and focused, when we farm raid it can be a little more laid back.
We strive to maintain a friendly, respectful environment while still having a good time. Bad attitudes are not going to fly. Be supportive and help where you can, while being receptive to others who are trying to extend a helping hand.
We also designate specific nights to M+ content but a handful of us are regularly pushing higher key dungeons last patch and come 8.3’s changes we’re trying to go hard right off the bat. If this is something that interests you we’re always looking for more people to diversify group comps.
What we are looking for :
We want players who want to raid not just in it for an AoTC achievement but for the sake of raiding. We expect players to improve themselves every week not to just get by. We don’t expect the best raiders in the world, we want players that will seek to actively improve their performance and be accountable as a player. Just because we’re not a mythic raiding guild doesn’t mean we don’t want people to apply themselves.
Absences are understandable; however, we expect raiders to inform an officer or the raid leader if they will be unable to attend raids in order for appropriate replacements to be found.
Discord is a required resource, as we utilize it for voice communication, player interaction, and guild cohesion.

Pineapple: Bnet Pineapple#1449
Alchmey: BNet: Alchemy#1707
Zyven: BNet Orko#1645

I won’t hit you with a ton a spam. I’ve been looking for a fire mage for our core team to push mythic, but it’s tough to find one. We’re currently 3/12M, raid Fri/Sat beginning @ 8 p.m. eastern. If you’re interested send me a Bnet (GrumpyGamer#11838) or Discord (GrumpyGamer#8110).

Heya, feel free to add me on disc at NukFur#0990 or BNet at NukFur#1660

Appreciate the responses so far, will be reaching out to a few of you tomorrow!

Updating top post with more more info!

better than the expansion

I now have some logs as well!

Hi! If you haven’t found a guild yet Epìtaph is currently recruiting for our raiding team and mythic plus runs!

We are on Draka/suramar and have a friendly bunch of players who enjoy seeing conent and pushing higher keys.

Raid wise, we are 10/12 Heroic. We are accepting all classes but really are in need of some ranged dps. We raid Tuesday & Friday nights at 9pm est.

We run mythic dungeons daily and have a very active discord channel. Feel free to message me on battlenet at Alikona#11551 or discord Dem#5747 if you have any questions. <3

Guild: Dominion
Area 52 – Horde
6/12 Mythic

Dominion is a progression focused guild that realizes real life happens. We’re not seeking server firsts, but we do want to clear the top tier of content.

Founded in Vanilla on Altar of Storms, we transferred to Stormrage in 2012 as the server population started to decline. On AoS we were consistently making server seconds and we hovered around the top 10-20 guilds on Stormrage consistently. With the Alliance raiding population dwindling, we transferred to Area 52 in 2019 with the expectation of continuing our long standing success.

In short, if you’re looking for a consistent guild that makes progression targets, without the demands of those in the World First races, Dominion might be the place for you.

We are recruiting all Exceptional DPS and healers.

Guild Progress
h ttps://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/area-52/Dominion
h ttps://raider.io/guilds/us/area-52/Dominion

Raid Times
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8-11PM EST
Optional Heroic Saturday 8-11PM EST

How to Apply
Please fill out an application at h ttps://forms.gle/yQJL9s8R8Vcv3F2s7
Visit our Discord for more information at h ttps://discord.gg/CJNKuXS
Feel free to contact any officer in game with questions; árch (Arch#11328), Sarisia (Solarshadow#1696), Aureliee (Aurelie#11489), or Kobrakaix(Kobrakai#1378)

Hey I’d be interested in talking with you more!

< Cyber Athletes >

6/12 Mythic Ny’alotha
12/12 Heroic Ny’alotha

Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11 PM EST
(Saturday 8pm est optional H clear for sales)


Fully cleared heroic today, logs are a bit more updated!

Still looking for guilds at or beyond 8/12M!

I am on team Empire of Eternal Kingdom on Proudmoore, we are currently 8/12M and just started working on Ra-Den. We are in a VERY high need of a Fire mage. If you would possibly be willing to go Alliance I would like to tell you more, if not then i understand. Jerrin#1599

Guess I will toss my guild into the fray…

Vigil is seeking to further our ranks.
We are currently 1/12 mythic, (I know doesn’t say much)
If you are seeking a server first, a transfer to my server may be worth your time!

We are beginning our push into mythic, and are currently #1 horde guild on our server. and 3rd on our server.

If you are interested, hit me up

Discord: Tegadord#9291

Hey, Bfa. We’re very interested in adding a mage to our roster for continued progression. We’re 7/12, working on drest. I see that you’re looking for 8/12, but it never hurts to shoot your shot :slight_smile: contact info at the bottom


Schedule (8 hours)

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur
10pm-12am EST

Raids will not go more than 1 pull past midnight EST.
We will run normal and heroic at the start of a new tier until the guild is no longer interested.


7/12M NYA, about half way through drest’agath
7/8M EP - Azshara P4
9/9M BoD - US 219
8/8M Uldir - US 195

11/11M Antorus - US 228
9/9M ToS - US 232
10/10M NH - US 485
3/3M ToV - US 276
7/7M EN - US 200
13/13M HFC - US 289
8/10M BRF
7/7M HM
14/14H SOO - US 305
13/13H ToT- US 230

About Us

The guild has been active for 12 years, first established in 2006 on Korgath.

Our goal is always to full clear mythic for Cutting Edge. Recruitment, composition, and loot distribution are all focused to support that goal. Our raiding environment is organized, fast paced, and passionate. Our schedule is ideal for CE players with a full-time school or work schedule. Many raiders also focus on mythic plus, rated PvP, and achievement hunting.

Recruitment Officers

Geezpow - - - Geezpow#1332
Grolgek - - - Amor#1426