[H] 414 Mistweaver LF Mythic Progression Guild


Consistently parsed in the 97+ percentile in most progression fights. I’ve been healing since Wrath, and really need a competitive raiding guild to call home. I’m always the most prepared and highest performing raider - I’m looking for a guild that I can push progression with, rather than a group to carry dead-weight with. Looking for no drama, loot rules that are well defined and fair, and an established guild that isn’t going to fall apart before the xpac is even over; I want a new home. I want a guild that is consistently making progress, and fairly competitive. I’d like to get AOTC before major nerfs, essentially.

I’m available to raid 12:15 EST, 9:15PM PST any day of the week. I’m willing to change servers, and would gladly like to try out with you. Whisper me in game, we can run a mythic+ together, since the raid is not out yet.