[H] 403 Mage LF Weekend Heroic / Mythic Raiding Guild


I just started playing BFA about a month ago and transferred to a dead server with some irl friends to carry a guild. Long story short, they all quit, and now I need a new home.

I just transferred my Mage to Illidan (Horde) and am looking for a weekend raiding guild. I work Mon-Thurs 1-10pm CST, so I’m looking for a Fri-Sun raid schedule. I have Jaina AOTC, and was a very consistent raider for most of WOTLK and Cata, while only playing casually in MoP, Cata, and Legion.

I’d like to push Heroic, and eventually Mythic content through 8.2 and onwards. You may reply here, or dm on Discord at Mirphh#6490.

Thank you for your consideration!