[H] 402 Shadow Priest LFG (Late Night)


Hey everyone,

Lonely Shadow Priest looking for a chill casual guild to run Eternal Palace and mythics with. With my job, duties as a husband, and as a dad it’s tough to find a suitable time to raid so I have been jumping around PUGs and guilds trying to clear content the last few expansions. I would really like to find a guild to call home for this patch and beyond. My ideal raid times would be twice a week between Mon & Wed from 11pm-2am EST.

I have high end arena experience from BC and Wrath, while maintaining AOTC for most raid tiers when I decide to play. The only expansions I did not raid was MoP and WoD. I am willing to move servers and potentially change factions.



Hey Eclectic! We start a little earlier then your preferred time, but if thats flexible and you’re looking for an AotC oriented home, we could be great fit for each other! Feel free to read below and reach out if interested :slight_smile:

Here at Haven, we are an adult oriented guild that considers each other family and just loves slaying pixels together. We laugh, poke fun at each other and get the job done all at the same time =P

We are 9/9H, 2/2H, 5/8N and only dabble in mythic if there are enough people interested. We don’t go hard at it, we are AOTC driven. Most of us have been playing together for years, some since BC days. We are long established and all just love playing together.

Raid times: Tues-Weds, 10pm-1230am EST. The first 3 Thurs of a tier we also raid to try and push progression.

Current needs:

High demand:
-Shaman - DPS
-Warrior - DPS
-Strong Healer/dps hybrid player

Medium demand:
-DPS w/ Tank OS - hybrid player

Feel free to hit us up (bnet: Muzei#1983) if you are interested in joining not just a raid group, but a group of people that consider themselves family.


Still looking! 404 now :joy: