[H] 377 (2/7M) Restro Shaman LF weekend raid guild


Hello everyone,

I am currently 2/8M -/- 7/8H looking around for a group that is running FRI/SAT night raids.

I work early mornings, even a team running early enough on the weekdays would work (starting no later than 5pm EST). I am currently in a guild that is pugging more and more each week, so I’m looking for a more consistent group.

I have raided Mythic since SoO (skipping out on Legion), raiding from 7 nights a week in 3 different groups (ranging from newcomer to raid leader all at the same time) to one group a couple nights a week.

If there are any guilds left on horde recruiting for end game content, i would be more than happy to talk.

Discord: Shock#6993

Bnet: Knaris#1854

[H]5/9M 8/8M 8hrs Fri&Sat LF Raiders!

[A] Game Over’s new weekend team (US- Proudmoore Server) is recruiting for a Cutting-Edge team focused on pushing Fridays 7:30 to 12:30 EST and Saturdays 7:30 to 12:30 EST. We are looking for talented players of all roles who are ready and willing to make the most of the two-day raid times and add to our strong and close community outside of raid.


Our focus is first and foremost to achieve Cutting-Edge as a weekend raid team, and to help build up a stronger raid community alongside our other raid teams

Expectations of Members –

  • Be prepared to raid, including consumables, knowledge of the fights, and have gear enchanted and ready. Knowing how to sim yourself, and read logs are also very important.
  • Since we only raid two days a week, 100% attendance is required of all members, although those with credible reasons to miss must inform the officer core so we can adjust accordingly.
  • Since this is a weekend raid group, a mature and focused attitude is preferred, we don’t want drama and bad attitudes
  • Preparing your gear inside and outside of raid is very important, we have a very active group of people in the guild who actively run M+, so outside of raid it is recommended that members run them and get their keys done
  • Keep your necklaces up to date!
  • Our community is strong, with a main team that is active and pushing cutting edge, obtaining it every raid tier, and being in this team means being part of this community, so we expect players to act accordingly, being toxic to other teams will not be accepted, and we hope you can make efforts to integrate with the guild’s community.

A bit about our community
We have three other active raid groups between the main raid, PSC, and FOMO. Our main team has obtained Cutting-edge every raid tier, and our officers are active and helpful. The leadership has been playing since vanilla, and went 8/8M in Uldir

Currently Recruiting for all classes and roles

Contact Lenalee #1179 if you are interested