[H] 3/11 M 11/11 H Chemical Imbalance is Recruiting


Welcome to Chemical Imbalance US-Area 52. Come join our community for 9.2 and beyond! We are a guild that has existed in various forms since vanilla with the current iteration starting in Mist of Pandaria. Now under new management, we plan on pushing for Cutting Edge and we would love you to be a part of that journey!

This guild is home to people from all walks of life who desire high level raiding on a more relaxed schedule. We have members of former cutting edge teams as well as members who want to become more serious about raiding.

It is important that our raiders share a common vision: a skilled, progression raiding environment with a reasonable raiding schedule and relaxed atmosphere and we refuse to lose sight of our main goal: getting Cutting Edge

We are trying to maintain a healthy sized roster of 25-30 to ensure that we have the raiders, classes, and resources we need to accomplish our goals without stretching ourselves too thin. The push to CE may involve certain classes/specs sitting or changing depending on progression, and allows us to seamlessly work around absences.

We recognize we are a weekend guild and occasionally people have lives outside of World of Warcraft.

Exceptional Players

Chemical Imbalance values all of our raiders as members of the team and expects players to be prepared and perform well. Our raiders are expected to know their class as well as the raid and

We’re looking for players who will contribute meaningfully to the raid (which entails showing up prepared, suggesting strat ideas, and using your mic when appropriate). Input is welcome from everyone on the roster.

We have no alt requirements but if you can play multiple classes/roles that is obviously valuable to us.

We recognize that great raiders not only have strong output but also strong situational awareness. So, it is important for our team to consistently reflect on their performance and analyze logs, looking for ways to improve.

Community is extremely important to an MMO. Members of our team are not only valued for their skill in raids, but also who they are as people outside of it. Our raiders are mature, intelligent, and respectful within our guild and in the broader WoW community.

Members of our community are generally running mythic plus, doing arena, or even playing other games with each other any night/day of the week. People are always messaging in discord and it is important that discord is a central meeting center for the guild. Come hang out! We strive to be a consistent fun community that strives to improve ourselves and others and we are looking for people who are active participants in the guild’s betterment and supportive of guild-mates. “Be excellent to each other.”

If it sounds like it might be for you, please do not hesitate to apply to us, or contact us in game, or on Discord. We look forward to meeting you, we could always use more friends! -Omniara

Current Needs (Updated May 21, 2022)

We are currently expanding our roster and open to all positions. We will always consider exceptional applications regardless of current needs. The following are a current priority:

  • 1 Tank/DPS -Particularly Blood DK and Prot Paladin
  • Melee DPS- Particularly Rogues, Warriors, and Death Knights
  • Ranged DPS- Particularly Warlocks and Mages
  • 2 Healers: Particularly Mistweaver and Holy Paladin

The ability to play off spec for Tanks and Healers is extremely valuable.

Raid Date and Times

  • Thursday 9pm-11pm EST: Heroic Reclear (For Trialing and Alts)
  • Friday 9pm-12pm EST: Mythic Reclear and Progress
  • Saturday 9pm-12pm EST: Progress

Application Link

https://apply.wowaudit.com/us/area-52/chemical-imbalance app (only officers can see)


  • Recruitment Officer - Bellatrix#8973 (Discord)
  • GM – omniara#8705 (Discord)

Hi hello, bumping this post because we are collecting warm bodies for raid type events

It’s Sunday my dudes

Another week passed, another raid night upon us :slight_smile:

Still looking for 3rd Tank/Flex Tank, a healer, and some dps to fill out the roster

I hope my friends in Chemical Imbalance are doing good. I miss you guys and hope you slam in Dragonflight. Take names and slay dragons guys. Thinkin about you all!