[H] 3/10M 10/10H <Crimson Brotherhood> Fri/Sat 9pm Est

Hmmm don’t know him

I’m PRETTY sure that’s Tonich… I see with my ear-eyes that it’s DEFINITELY him! AOTC once more. Good times!

Agreed. Not bad for the crim. Let’s go get CE

Need one last healer

This just in we need dk dps

Recruitment opened up to all ranged, and dk and warrior in melee.

2 more bosses down. Need dk

oh yes please a DK

bump this guild is dooope

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Come kill Mythic bosses with an actual Idiot

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No Mages…only DKs

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Mages AND dks?

still looking for them dks

Looking for ranged and a healer

bump, Looking for reliable ranged dps for the rest of this tier and moving forward. Also need a dps DH

hey. join us. we are fun. we are cool.

requirements - There are none - just don’t stand in fire.

Aye! we need some RDPS and healers. I know you’re out there!

Bump need ranged dps and heals. Come get your spot now headed into 9.1