[H] 3/8M 385 Rogue & WW Monk LF T/Th Mythic Guild

(Mavìs) #1

Hello, we are a 385 Rogue and 380 WW Monk LF a Mythic Raiding guild to finish off Uldir and go into BoD with. Currently 3/8M with a 17% wipe on Vectis.

What we can offer:

  • We’re 2 players who always give our all to learning about our spec and how to play it for every specific encounter (e.g. carrying books to change specs if needed).
  • We’re fast learners who try to pick up new encounters as fast as possible but may sometimes make mistakes and own up to them rather than try to shift the blame.
  • We always try to stay positive and not tilt during progression or otherwise when things aren’t going as well as expected.
  • We always show up to raid ready to go (Flask/Food/Pots/Buffs/Tomes)
  • Given that we’re looking specifically for a 2-day guild within a very specific time frame, you can expect 100% attendance unless an emergency should arise (school/work related). Should this happen, more than a one-week notice will be given as to not hinder progression.

What we are looking for:

  • 2 Day Tuesday/Thursday raid starting at/after 7:30 PM Est ending no later than midnight. This schedule is not negotiable as we have school/work that could interfere on other days.
  • A guild that feels like a home. Not interested in a guild where people just log in for raid and never do anything or talk outside of raid.
  • Guildies to do M+ with outside of just a weekly +10.
  • A fun but serious environment. We have no problem taking criticism/suggestions etc. as long as it’s done in a respectable way.
  • Prefer a well populated server.
  • HORDE!

If after reading you feel like we’d be a good fit for your group, send me a bnet request or post here so we can chat. Please make sure your guild meets the conditions before contacting me as we do not want to be bamboozled.

BNET: Reapernub#1364

(Avalacka) #2

Hi Mavis.

I sent you a friend request in battle net but I wanted to leave some information here in the meantime. I am the GM of Rally, a community on the Dalaran server with a dual faction presence. While we appear to be a large guild with 5 raid teams, we still maintain a small guild community feel as we are structured in such a way that allows us to experience lots of overlap with each other through events and open raids.

I’m looking for a few people to round out our Horde raid and I would love to chat with you about this if Rally could be a potential option for you. Our website is https://www.rallyguild.com and you can always reach me in Discord at Ava#5594.

Thanks and good luck in your guild search!

(Mavìs) #3

Bump! Still looking!