[H] 248 boomie Raider looking for prog raiding/community!

Hello! I’m currently looking for a new guild to join, and I am currently Horde Mal’Ganis! My past raid experience is GM/RL CE 8.3, GM/RL 9/10m in 9.0, and am currently 5/10m on my Boomkin. I am able to play any class and be competitive and the end level content. I have been competitive in m+ and raid as a healer, tank, and dps in the past. I can play any class as needed, current toons are a 248 boomkin and a 235 disc.
Discord - saggy#0974
Btag - healadeala#1866

5/10M raid times of T/WT 9pm est to 12am starting out painsmith prog this week would love to chat add my btag fleet#1643

Sounds like you could be a good fit for what we’re looking for. Reach out to our recruitment officer and let’s see if we can get things going.

Hi Saggy,

is 5/10 and looking for ranged dps! We’re a horde guild, already on Mal’Ganis, and depending on your schedule/availability, we might be the spot for you!

Here’s our recruitment post:

Good luck finding your new home!