(H) 225 Holy Paladin LFG 10/10M CE

Looking for a guild that is pushing CE, non toxic environment, active community/key pushing, does pvp. Also possibly plays other games. Holy Paladin is 10/10M 225. I also have a 225 resto shaman 7/10M, Mistweaver at 214, and Resto Druid at 217.
Message me on Discord @Pinkbubbles2#3753. Hope to Hear From you!!

Still looking for a guild


Hello there! We are looking for an Hpal for our 7-10pm EST Sat/Sun team that is currently 9/10M. Here’s our information below. If we sound like a good fit, please let us know!

[H] 9/10M 6hr Sat/Sun Pandamonium-Mal’ganis for 9.1 - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Hey there!
My guild < Efficiency > -10/10M Tichondrius is looking to recruit talented healers for 9.1! Holy paladin would be ideal but we are open to any healing class played at a high level.

We raid 8:00pst-11:00pst Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

Visit us at efficiencyguild .com to submit an application!
You can also message our RL Arctizal on discord: Rtehnoob#4369 or Bnet: Lifelink#1413 to chat with an officer :slight_smile:

Hope to hear from you soon and best of luck rest of 9.0!

Still looking for a guild please help

Hey there!

I figured I’d post here and see if you might be interested in joining Uncommon Sense.
We’re looking for a Holy Paladin and would love to talk if you’re interested.

We’re an Alliance guild on Proudmoore and are currently 10/10m with strong history of achieving CE at a good pace. Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5pm PST to 8pm PST (8pm EST to 11pm EST)

If you’re interested in reading more, I’ve linked our post here:

I’ll leave my contact info here as well
Disc: JustOneSparrow#7679

Hope to hear from you soon!