[H] 223 Priest Holy/Shadow LF M+ and bench spot for raid

I am looking for an active guild to dabble in higher level M+ keys with, and I am also willing to be utilized in raid teams when needed. I do mechanics, learn quick, and am extremely easy-going. I am 223/222 Holy/Shadow and they are the correct stats as well. I have a Shadow set, Holy M+ set and Holy raid set. 33% mastery for raids, 31% haste for M+. I know my class, and I am looking for people to improve with.

Hey there, I run a guild on Illidan that raids Sundays/Mondays 7:30 CST. We have a healing spot open, and in general are rounding out a couple spots for 9.1. Hit me up on Discord and we can chat if that works for you. YaBoiBangz#9359

Hey Ottu,

If alliance is something you’d be willing to consider for the right fit, I’d love to chat with you. We would love what you’re offering!

Talk soon, I can be reached on discord at Letholas#9581

Hi Ottu! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!

Hello there Ottu, (Reelevated) is an Horde guild located on Illidan and is currently recruiting to fill up our last few slots on our Mythic Roster. We raid Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6-9 PST and are 10/10H and 7/10M in Castle Nathria. We are looking for solid raiders that can not only commit to our raid times, but show up to raids having watched progression content videos and showing up to raids with full consumables. We currently need an unholy DK, boomy, ret pal, multi spec lock, and an off tank pref dh/monk, but if you are exceptionally good at your class and have logs you can send me we will consider you as well. If you would like to be considered as an additional member to our raid team please contact me via BattleNet or Discord.

Battle Net: Arcaneqt#1640

Discord: Arcaneqt#0836

hey, we got a couple teams pushing high mythic plus keys, and a raid team that is 5/10M looking for a couple fillers.
Add my b tag and we can chat

I can definitely use a solid Shadow Priest on my team. We are an adult only (21+, avg ages 30’s-40’s) guild on Area 52. Currently 10/10H, we raid Tues and Thurs 10pm-1am EST. Outside of raiding, our folks enjoy pushing keys, leveling alts, and some pvp. If you’re interested, you can add me at Rawrabear#1450.

We are Inexorable Brutality[7/10M] Currently recruiting committed raiders to push back into CE, we achieved Cutting Edge in Nyalotha as a part of our former guild that we split from going into Shadowlands and are nearing Cutting Edge again this tier with goals of future also reaching CE in further tiers. We are seeking exceptional and dedicated raiders to commit to the team while also having fun together as a team. We are located on Emerald Dream[Alliance] and raid Wednesday/Friday 8-11 server/central.

Hi ottu, faded gods in an aotc guild and are looking to expand our roaster for the up coming tier. Our usual raid times are Saturday and Sunday 9-11 est, but are currently cutting it to just Sundays until 9.1 to avoid burnout. Many of us also run M+ through out the week as well and are always willing to help fellow guildies out. Feel free to message me on bnet if you’re at all curious. Bnet: zole#11213

Hey Ottu,

I went through your logs and would love to chat with you more. I will post my recruitment below. Contact me and I will gladly answer any questions.

I cannot delete this post or I would, I have found a home. Thank you all

We have immediate spots for a hybrid DPS/Healer who is interested in both roles.
We are primarily a raiding guild by I myself as well as many others do a lot of M+ too.
The main organized focus of the guild is Raiding though.
We do this Tues/Wed7-11 EST.

We have been doing so since Mid-wrath (over 12 years) and are always looking for players interested in long-term groups to play with and create new friendships with.

If that is interesting to you please let me know!
Add me on Discord: Metrolol #1206

See the pitch below, however, I’d also like to throw some additional context in. Currently, the guild is looking to replace a 4-5 players who unfortunately hold back progression. We would be interested in having you trial in an effort to replace one of those dudes and working toward CE and in to 9.1.

The Peanut Gallery is a Horde raiding guild on US-Tichondrius (10/10H 6/10M). We are a group of semi-hardcore/hardcore raiders who have been playing together since 2010 in Wrath. At the very end of BFA, we decided to form a new guild, The Peanut Gallery. Currently, we are looking for exceptional, mechanics-oriented raiders for our team to continuing our push into Mythic Castle Nathria and into future patches.

Raid Times:
7-10 pm PST Tuesday/Thursday

Previous Progression
BFA: 11/12M Nya’lotha (after a very late start into the tier as a guild)

SL: 10/10H 6/10M Castle Nathria
WoWProgress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/tichondrius/The+Peanut+Gallery

Recruitment Needs
All DPS and healer priests are encouraged to apply. We aren’t looking for 100 parses. What we are looking for are players who can play their class with an acceptable degree of skill while still performing raid mechanics.

More about us:
The guild will provide for all consumables, so no need to grind your life away. However, d material donations are always appricated, but not required.

The guild uses Loot Council to distribute all available loot drops and ALL BOEs which are distributed at the loot council discretion and if they can not be equipped and used by a raid member then those BOEs are sold to help facilitate the financing of raid consumables.


  1. Come prepared.
  2. Show up early/on time.
  3. Work on your character/characters on off-raid days to bring as much as you can to the table.
  4. Know the bosses and come prepared with the knowledge to fulfil the role you will take in the fight
  5. Be receptive to and can provide constructive criticism.
  6. Follow directions when given specifically
  7. During a fight, comms should remain clear. The raid leader will make all calls and decided the direction of the fight.
  8. We would desire you to do mechanics 100% and only parse green as opposed to parsing 100s up until the point you mess up a mechanic and die, dropping to a grey parse. Dead raiders don’t do dmg.

How to Apply:

You can apply one of two ways:
Guild Application Link:
If you want to apply by speaking to us directly, or if you have any questions about our guild, policies, or anything else, please contact:

  • Scrambles:
    • Battlenet: Scrambles#1369
    • Discord: Scrambles#1730
  • Engleheart
    • Battlenet; Kurt#1915
    • Discord: Not Engle#2036

Outside of WoW, the guild has a diverse group of players with an active Discord. Some of the games we play include LoL, COD, PoE/Diablo, etc… in between major WoW patches.

Also, we have punch and pie….’