[H] 220 Spriest LF CE Pushing Team (Wkend/Early Evening)

Open to weekend any time or weekdays ending by 11 EST, 6-8 hours/wk, 2-3 days /wk

I’m back to raiding after a few tiers off. 3/10M so far. I’ve been raiding with a group that is a bit too casual for my goals and am looking for like-minded players to finish the tier and beyond. Raid environment is important. If your team is comprised of folks who think it’s ok to use racial/homophobic slurs, it’s not the right team for me. I’m really looking for intelligent, thoughtful people who raid smarter, not harder. Folks who take personal responsibility and come to raid prepared, but are understanding of human error. I’d really like to find a group that takes time outside of raid to analyze logs together and talk through strategy, even if it’s just in discord. Also looking for some more M+ buddies. Bonus points if people are friendly and genuinely like being around each other! Maybe such a group is a unicorn, but if you’re out there, leave me a post! :slight_smile:

About Me:
*Achieved CE for multiple tiers, always as rdps (shadow, hunter, mage)
*RLer xp and guild leader xp for CE teams, but I’m not looking to do that again
*Strong preference for shadow, but I can disc in a pinch, working on a holy spec but haven’t tested it in a progression raid environment yet
*Above average parses (70-90th percentile), I know I’m not at my ceiling, but I’m working toward it
*1400 M+ io rating fwiw
*Horde only

Hi Ekanga! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!


Hello there,

I’m Syoki and I’m the recruitment officer for Good Game of Mal’Ganis Horde. We’re 4/10M (10/10H) and raid Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday 9:00PM-12:00AM CST (ST).

We, as a raid group, have been playing together since the end of Wrath and have always fully cleared progression with Cutting Edge. We’ve recently made the move to Mal’Ganis, horde, after over a decade of being Alliance (Kel’Thuzad and Stormrage).

We find the only thing that keeps us playing is those in which we’ve played with for a long time. We consider our guild a family. A large, dysfunctional, family. We are currently finalizing the right CE team to take on Shadowlands and would love to talk to you about joining our band of miscreants. :slight_smile:

Feel free to read through the spam below and add my Real ID or Discord if you have any questions.

Hope to hear from you! If not, best of luck in your guild search and in the Shadowlands!

Syoki the Insane
(BNet: Nyoki#11232, Discord: Nyoki#8886)

12 CST is 1AM EST - that’s way too late