[H] 215 BrM/WW LF AOTC/M+

Hi i am a brewmaster/ww looking for an aotc/m+ focused guild.

Hi Sheye, Persistent-Turalyon [H] is recruiting. We are an AOTC focused, active M+G-runs (KSM) Semi H/C guild. You can contact me at Coco#6386 on discord. Look forward to hearing from you. :slight_smile:


Disorientated is an alliance AOTC focused guild on Stormrage. We’re 10/10H in Nathria and building out our roster for 9.1, and lucky for you we’re looking for a WW monk (offspec tank or heals is a bonus). Raids are Tues/Fri 8-11pm EST and we’ll run m+ on off nights (big push on Mondays) with alt raids happening on the weekend.

Check out the linked post and get in touch if you want to chat more!

Hello there! I own a small, semi-casual guild on servers Rexxar/Misha named Wolves of the North. We’re rebuilding our roster to form a 12-15 player raid party that runs Fridays & Saturdays 9pm - 12am EST. 3/10H currently.

We’re all mature players, and have prior commitments in the real life. We’re all here to have fun, and run content together. No unrealistic hard-core goals set. No intense scheduling. Semi-casual AOTC mindset, with priority in having fun.

If you’re interested, my discord is zdunny69#4257, feel free to message me with any questions!