[H] 206 Disc/Shadow Priest 5/10H looking to keep pushing

Came over from Proudmoore hoping to keep my raid/M+ momentum going on a better time schedule, and get back to my Horde roots. Looking to raid around 7-11p EST 2-3 nights a week. I’ve put a lot of work into disc healing but I’m not a super uptight player and looking for progression in a friendly setting.

Hey your exactly what I’m looking for to fill out my raid group tonight. We raid 7-11pm and on Fri/Sat. Raiding tonight and could use you. Hit me up ingame Escaflownae#1845 or Zsari.

Hello there!

Hello! And thanks for visiting Perfect Loot

We are looking to recruit more people to join our gaming community and mythic raiding environment, with a heavy focus on getting cutting edge every patch!

We are looking for DPS and Healers for our mythic raiding team in Shadowlands!
Also looking to grow our gaming community, so all casual and game lovers are welcome!

We are currently looking for the following classes for Shadowlands!
Destro/Affliction Warlock
Shadow Priest
Sub Rogue
Ret Pally
Fire Mage
Unholy DK
MM Hunter
WW Monk

Raid days are Tues-Thursday, hours are 8:30PM-11:30PM Eastern time.

Contact Gentlepalm @ Gentle#11834 or Bazhunter @ bazhunter#1268

Thank you!

Hi! My name is Rachel from the guild Odÿssey on Zul’jin! We are currently 1/10H and 10/10N, and we raid Friday/Sunday 7-11pm EST. We managed to get this progress in 3 weeks of raiding. We could use both a disc and a shadow priest, so whichever spec you prefer to play works for us! Our guild also has an active PVP community as well as interest in other content. To be frank, we are pretty well-rounded! If this is interesting to you at all, please reach out to me at:

Discord: Rachel Shadow Priest#3625
BNET: rachel#12349

Hey my guild Hollow Leaf is looking to fill out our raid team and we need a healer! we are 9/10 heroic but we are rebuilding our raid team but our officer team is 9/10 and we have good players looking to progress in a consistent and chilled vibe manner. zattack#1913 if your interested!

Hello! If you are looking for a weekday schedule, we raid Tuesday and Thursday 7-10 EST. We are a small, friendly guild looking for a shadow priest. Here is our post if you’d like to check us out!

Hello, Galvanized 3/10H currently has an opening for a Priest that can heal and dps. We are a very small guild of about 12 people who consistently raid. We do a lot of mythic plus in our down time. Our goal is to have a positive and friendly environment for all of us to succeed!


Hi ya…we are looking for a heal and dps atm…sounds like you may be a good fit!
Comfortably Rum> looking for a few more dedicated skilled players. We want a chill raid environment that still looks to progress. We have successfully been achieving that goal for the last several expansions now while having a good time. Shadowlands is our 5th xpac as a guild. We will be doing Aotc with pushing a few mythic kills as well. We are recruiting mythic + pushers and PVP players for a well rounded community.

Raid Times: Tues & Wed 8 to 10:30 pm
Saturday Fun Runs…make a drink!
4/ 10 H CN
3/12 M Ny
3/8 M EP
1/9M BOD
Needs: Ret Pally/WW Monk/DK/Lock
Recruiting for Mythic + and Pvp community.
DPS - Will consider all vet players looking for long term raiding home.

Casuals and alts of all levels welcomed!
If interested contact Mayching. Mayabella BT = Maybella#1211