[H] 205 Resto Sham

Faction: Horde
Can server transfer

Castle: 3/10 H
-Btag: LuckyOwl#1182930
-Discord: parzival#8021
-Ilvl: 205

-Availability: 08:00 PM EST any day but Tuesday or Thursday

-Main Resto Shaman since WoD looking for a guild with good people that are respectful and want to push current content as far as possible.

Not sure if you are willing to take a step back into normal for a bit. We recently broke off another guild and still need to work through finishing 10/10N although our first run together was 4/10N. I will send you a friend request if you are interested. Also here is our guild post if you like more info or Discord info. [H] Last Guild Was Bad <Stormreaver>