H 201 Boomkin / 204 Resto Druid

Hey auggie,

I’m looking to fill out the last part of my Heroic progression group and could use a healer/dps hybrid like yourself. I play horde on zul’jin let me know if interested. The raid nights are 7pm-10pm CST and Fri/Sat. Escaflownae#1845 or in-game @ “Zsari-Zu;'jin”.

Greetings, Maw Walkers!

Casually Dysfunctional of Seraph is recruiting like minded, exceptional raiders for our team who will be a good fit for our progression and help others strive to be better as well. Our current level of progression is 10/10N and 2/10H for Castle Nathria.

We raid Wednesday and Sunday from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. CST. We are a newer raid team in Seraph and are currently composed of a group of friends and co-workers with a more relaxed and casual attitude in raid. Our aim is to have fun while improving our skills and progressing through the raid more specifically at a Heroic setting. Our Goal is to achieve AOTC achievement throughout all content. If time permits and our raid team is ready to take on the challenge, we will aim for mythic raiding sometime down the road. If you have any questions, feel free to message mrrazzmatazz#11514.

Our recruitment information can be found at www.seraphguild. com/recruitment

Auggie, hit me up on discord, Vashert#6170, or Btag: Vashert#1922.

Hey Auggie just founded 3 days ago we 9/10 N and 1/10 H so far we start H progression this week our raid days are M/W 7:30 - 10pm CST currently looking for DPS to continue our Heroic progression. Feel free to add me on battle net @ mlynk1204#1985 would love to chat about you joining our community.

Akai Soubi has been an established guild on Uther since Molten Core with multiple server firsts from BC through Cata. Now, we are a primarily Heroic flex raiding guild but maintain our commitment to hard work and excellence. We are looking for likeminded individuals who enjoy being part of a fun, silly, helpful community and have the skills/drive to get the job done! We raid heroics competitively and also have groups going for mythic dungeons (typically evenings/weekends).

Raid schedule:

Pacific Time Zone

Wednesday: 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Thursday: 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

To apply:

Please contact either Solsti (Btag: Solange#1331, Discord: Solsti#9701) or Bort (Btag: sleepyfish#1172, Discord: Bort#6743).

If our raid times fit your schedule please reach out! I would love to chat :blush:

Auggie we are a casual raiding guild that is 10/10 N and 2/10 H. We raid two nights a week and are looking to grow our numbers so we don’t have to PUG members on raid nights. I think we would be a good fit for you. Check out our recruiting thread and let me know if you have any questions.


Hey, shoot me a message if interested?

<Severéd> is recruiting! We are a very friendly group of players that are raid focused. We have two raid groups!

We are 4/10H CN after 2 resets. We plan to continue pushing this with success and continue to be competitive. Our guild is ranked 12th in the connected realms below and are accepting applicants from the following servers.

Connected Realms:
Trollbane (base)
Grizzly Hills

Heroic Tues/Thurs 8-11 EST
Normal Fri/Sat 8-11 EST

We are actively recruiting the following for our HEROIC core:

Enhance Shaman +++
Rogue +

Fire Mage+++++
Shadow Priest+++

Currently good on tanks/healers. If you are outside of the listed classes, we would still like to hear from you.

To be considered “core”, you must be able to perform at a high enough level individually. You earn priority invites!

We are not an Elitist guild, if that is your expectation please do not apply. We take raiding seriously, but are here to play the game and have a good time. We are expanding our core.

We are openly recruiting for our normal raid group as well! Please reach out to me and let’s talk , see if we are a good fit for you.


Hope to hear from you!

Hey there, Insomnia on Thrall is looking for ranged DPS. We raid Tues/Thurs 8PM EST- 11 PM EST. We are currently 6/10 H. Our focus tier 1 is AOTC and push into Mythic, prepping for CE push Tier 2.

We are a solid core of people looking to rebuild our team. Most of us have been playing since Vanilla, and quite a few of us have been together in one guild or another for a while as well. If you are interested in being a part of rebuilding our raiding core this tier to push into CE for tier 2 please feel free to reach out Raearia#1312.

Hey! Crimson Brotherhood is looking to add some ranged. Check us out!



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Hey Auggie,

If you are looking for a new guild to kill some bosses and have fun, come talk to us in Fragment! Our current progression sits at 10/10H and 2/10M. We currently are in the stages of a restructure, so if getting CE quickly is a goal for you we may not be the right fit.

All are always recruiting players with the right skill sets & headspace.

Current recruitment needs:
Hunter: Medium
Mage: Medium
Paladin: Ret: Low, Tank:Low, Holy: Medium
Warlock: Medium
Priest: Disc: Low, Holy: Low, Shadow: Medium
Druid: Tank: Medium, Boomkin: High, Resto: Low, Feral: Medium
DH: Tank: Medium, Dps: High
DK: Tank: Low, Dps: Medium
Shaman: Resto: Low, Ele: Medium, Enhance: Medium
Monk: Tank:High, Dps: Low, MW: Low
Rogue: Medium
Warrior: Tank: High, Dps: High

Progression Raiding Schedule 8:00-12:00 EST (Inv starting at 7:30)
Tuesday(Prog) - Wednesday (Prog)- Thursday(Clean up/alts runs)

We take a few days off after Progression.
Decisions in this guild are always made with the goal of achieving the right atmosphere and pushing to get CE.

-If this sounds appealing to you please feel free to contact us.

Discord: (Guildlead)Tracy#7543, (GM)Demonslayerl#4843
Bnet: Tray#1125, Tommy#1664

Hello Auggie!

[Cant find a guild] 10/10 N 6/10 H We are a newly formed guild with the goal of progressing through mythic content at a reasonable pace. We also enjoy pushing mythic+ dungeons as well as some good old PVP. We strive to have a friendly and non-toxic community to include anyone that wants to be included. If you aren’t interested in raiding, mythic+ or PVP, but instead want a place to hang out to enjoy the content feel free to stick around and become a member of our community!

Contact Info:
BNET: Koliupy#1761
Discord: Koliupy#4041

Hey brother, 1/10M 9/10H here on Zul’jin. Great atmosphere with CE intentions every tier. Have multiple CEs from Legion+ as a core. Tu/We 830pm-12EST.

Good group of guys and progress for only 2 nights. On par with a ton of 3 night/9-12 hour guilds as well.

Cord: tbay#3525
Bnet: Thomas#11578

Be safe out there

Hey Auggie,

Vae Victis is a social guild on the Anetheron server group that also pushes content. We have a great culture, active discord, and are very supportive of our members.

We are currently 10/10N 3/10H and believe we will clear heroic in the next few weeks. There should be opportunities for both of your toons to raid. We raid Tue/Thur 8:15PM - 11:00PM EST. Sometimes we will raid on Saturday if there are enough people around but it is not mandatory.

Cozybadguy#8607 on discord if you want to chat.

Hey Auggie, if you are still looking for a group come chat with me on discord. Infinight#7632

I have an immediate spot for a boomkin for mythic progression. 10/10 Normal, 10/10 Heroic. We raid Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 9:30pm - 12:30am EST. Hit me up on bnet Abe1234#1820


If you are still looking for a home to raid, do not hesitate to reach out to me personally.

I represent a 2-night, weekday raiding guild on Area 52 that is looking for healers and competitive DPS.

Thank you, and good luck!

Battle.net: ollamh#11246
Discord: ollamh#0001

Hey there! If youre still looking for a home, we would love to trial you!

Rats-Hyjal Horde
9/10 H CN
Semi-hardcore CE Focused guild
Wed-Thurs 9pm-12am EST with an optional monday run


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Hello Auggie, I’m King, the GM of NOSTALGÍA in Tichondrius. Currently 1/10 M. We are looking for a Boomie right now. Raid times are Sat/Sun 6-9pm server time/ 9pm-12am Eastern time. If you are interested in giving us a look I’d love to chat with you, message me sometime.