[H] 2/9 M 403 Moonkin/Resto LF raiding guild


I’ll keep this pretty short.

I came back to the game recently after taking a long hiatus due to the game sucking and I’m in need of a guild. I like to think I’m not a bad player. My item level is 403 because I haven’t played since Uldir, but I’m quickly working on getting it up to an acceptable level, running M+ whenever I can. Semi-relevant Uldir logs are below so you can get a hint that I’m not a trashcan player. I’m historically a Moonkin player, but I wouldn’t mind playing Resto either.

I’m EST, so no raids past 12 AM, and preferably nothing on weekends. No Alliance guilds, please.

warcraftlogs/character/us/illidan/ladelva. My BoD logs are either from a carry or are very poor due to growing pains and lack of proper Azerite. This is being rectified ASAP.

My battle tag is Thread#11619