[H] 12/12M 6 Hour Weekend Mythic Raiding *Pandamonium-Mal'Ganis*

Let’s get it*

    • it = some good raiders for CE clears and into SLands

That gallywix bluepost though O.o

IT dont equal ineffable truth? :thinking:

Would buy a warrior at this point, gold only… obvi

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new beta patch today :slight_smile:

i have to level again

is bfa over yet?

No, soon tm.

Hope everybody has a good weekend! Still looking for some folks to clear nya’lotha each week and on into Shadowlands!

Great people here at Panda! Come join up for Shadowlands!

Still looking for raiders for our SLands roster and to finish out This Xpac Which Shall Not Be Named

Still looking!

Updating post with our new info!

still looking for some cool peeps!

Always looking to improve the roster. Check us out!

I’m awake but not enough coffee in the world today.

Send coffee ASAP

Still need some folks for the rest of tier and Shadowlands!

Still looking! Roster for SL is definitely not complete.

Send help please