[H] 12/12M 6 Hour Weekend Mythic Raiding *Pandamonium-Mal'Ganis*

Looking for more raiders for re-clears and into Shadowlands!

Still looking!


Still looking for players! I’ve achieved 100% crit and now I only scorch on re-clear.

Still looking!

Going to be focusing on very specific needs here shortly for SLs.

Send good gamers

We’re all addicted to Torghast

Good night of re-clear work. Just two bosses to go tonight.

and all set for the next week :smiley:

Let’s get it*

    • it = some good raiders for CE clears and into SLands

That gallywix bluepost though O.o

IT dont equal ineffable truth? :thinking:

Would buy a warrior at this point, gold only… obvi

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new beta patch today :slight_smile:

i have to level again

is bfa over yet?

No, soon tm.

Hope everybody has a good weekend! Still looking for some folks to clear nya’lotha each week and on into Shadowlands!

Great people here at Panda! Come join up for Shadowlands!