[H] 12/12M 6 Hour Weekend Mythic Raiding *Pandamonium-Mal'Ganis*

I’M HERE!!! The forums work for me finally. Holy cow.

Still looking!

Oh that beta, thank you blizzard!

Beta squad

You mean relog squad

Some decent testing today! Still looking for some folks to help us w/ re-clears and prep our roster for Shadowlands!

Re-clear hello darkness my old friend.

Raid night <3 I love hanging with my team. Raid testing was fun too

Finishing up re-clear tonight! Still need some folks!

Looking for more raiders for re-clears and into Shadowlands!

Still looking!


Still looking for players! I’ve achieved 100% crit and now I only scorch on re-clear.

Still looking!

Going to be focusing on very specific needs here shortly for SLs.

Send good gamers

We’re all addicted to Torghast

Good night of re-clear work. Just two bosses to go tonight.

and all set for the next week :smiley:

Let’s get it*

    • it = some good raiders for CE clears and into SLands