[h] 11/12m lf weekend team merger

What we’re looking for:

  • A weekend team of Mythic raiders.

Why are we looking?

  • We would like to bolster the ranks of our community by assisting a weekend group. By no means are we looking to become a massive guild, just a friendly community with two Mythic teams.

What do you get from merging with us?

  • You will get to build and lead your team to victory with the assistance of our weekday raiders IF you want it! Our weekday raiders have plenty of Mythic capable alts and can become either a main raider on your weekend roster or even just an absence filler, the choice is yours! You keep your leadership, make your own decisions, and do what you want with your group while inside of our ranks. A more simple way to explain is you will be a guild within a guild! I personally enjoy recruiting so I would be able to assist in that field if desired.

A little about us:

  • We are [After Work] 11/12M. We’re located on Horde - Mal’ganis where we run a close raiding community that plans to keep moving with our heads held high through Shadowlands. Our atmosphere holds a balance of fun and determination while progging, knowing when it’s time to be serious but also enjoying jokes! We’re very open to conversation as long as you speak up! Don’t be afraid. :ghost:
    We also often have fun outside of raid doing things such as M+, TFT, League, OW etc.

Interested?? Let’s chat!! :baby_chick:

Contact discord:
cron#4189 (GM)
Tigger#0772 (COGM)

P.S. We won’t be merging into a different guild, we’re very stable and only looking to absorb! No ifs, ands, or buts :peach: Thank you!

:coffee: gooood morning

Still interested! :cowboy_hat_face:

Still lookin for some gamers :smiley:

Idk if you’ve tried the merger channel on the recruitment discord or not. I’d also reach out to guilds in similar positions that may just need to unload some bad players. Good luck! Hope you guys clear soon. :slight_smile:

Link: https://discord.gg/vN2sWsB

We’re in there, thank you! I hope so too :partying_face:

Still looking! Come play with us!

Let’s enjoy Shadowlands together! Add us! :purple_heart:

Still looking :slight_smile: Hopefully we can find you in time for SL!