[H] 11/11H 10/11M <big uptime> Tue/Wed/Thurs 6-9 PM PST LFM

big uptime (formerly Goated on the Sticks) is a mythic semi-hardcore US Horde raiding guild on Area-52. Our core has been together since WoD and most of us have been playing for 11+ years. We are looking for like minded individuals wanting to progress on a more casual schedule.

Past Tiers:
CN - US 550
SOD - US 312

Raid times - Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday @ 6:00-9:00 PM PST.

We currently sell full heroic clears on Sundays through Huoken for those interested as well.

–Current needs at the time of this post–

  • Tank: FULL
  • Melee: FULL

We encourage any mythic caliber players to apply regardless of role or class.

Application: ://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdXu535QhNc_ZdOMN_TsT5XPy8Pu5xXeje6AmqkSvhkjYghFw/viewform?usp=sf_link

What we ask of you:

  1. Above 90% attendance during progression – We understand that things happen and you might not be able to make every raid. All we ask is for open communication to allow us to fill your spot should something arise.
  2. Core roster policy – To maintain a healthy roster we plan on having ~23 core members at all times. This means you might be asked to sit for certain fights based on class, performance etc. If you are sitting, you might be asked to sub in at any time during progression and ask our players understand and agree to that. Progression is a team effort and we are looking for team players.
  3. Discord and a working mic
  4. Strong knowledge of your class – We love that our players are highly competitive with each other. As such we ask you have a strong knowledge of your current class and constantly strive to improve. Spots are not guaranteed and those who put the time and effort in will be rewarded. This includes things like going over logs etc.
  5. Preparation – Things like cauldrons and feasts will be provided once we get going. We still ask that our players carry flasks, food, pots etc on them at all times to shorten downtime between pulls and the maximize our efforts in those 3 hours.
  6. Be on time – We expect all core raiders to be on 15 minutes before raid as invites will go out at 6:45 PM PST. This allows us the opportunity to maximize our time and gives people a healthy window in case they are running a few minutes late.

Please apply with the link posted above or add us on discord if you have any additional questions before you apply.

(Me) Raid Leader: Yeff#9193 (discord)
GM: Zuggz#2308 (discord)

1 week until raid! LF 1 to 2 more for core spots!

You guys get your leggos yet?

Bumping for a few more core spots.

One more core spot available!

Raid week is close…


6/10N eskettit. Come try us out!

3/10H after week one!

Still looking…

8/10H! always looking for more to join us. mythic soon!

Bump for 9/10 with pulls on Sire.

Still looking.

10/10H Donny down! AOTC! Come apply as we start the Mythic journey!

BUMP! Still looking.

Added you on discord i’m a 201 multi rank 1 rdruid/boomkin and geared for both. I am 10/10 N, 9/10M with plenty of sire pulls a few sub 10%s but dps sucked, and 1/10M. I’m looking for a guild to progress with I have all of the time in the world and I multi class. I can play my rdruid/boomkin as flex or hop on my dk as well :slight_smile: Added you on discord Thing1#0495 hope you’re having a good new year!

First full raid week since the holidays coming up! Still need a few more as we head into mythic.

2/10M after first day in. Still looking for a few more solid players as we prog.

BUMPING! Still looking for gamers.

Immediate need for Resto Sham, UH DK, and WW monk!

BUMPING for 5/10 with Innerva @ 7%…

still looking as we head into sludge soon

Immediate spots for a healer and DPS. Hit us up!

Still looking for heals. Reach out!

Heals come apply and reach out! Lets kill council!