[H] 10/10Pre Nerf 8pm PST-11PM PST LF DPS Shaman

FairBanks PVP West Coast Server

Semi Hardcore Guild

Currently Recruiting

1- DPS Shaman ELE or Enhance

Raid Days/Time ( Pacific )
Wednesday 8PM Server - 11PM Server
Thursday 8PM Server - 11PM Server

Day 1 Classic Guild with great retention. We are a chill skilled group of players that enjoy killing bosses and gearing our toons.

Loot: Slightly Modified EPGP

Raider Expections:

  • Be on time or communicate that you wont make raid
  • Come prepared ( correct gear, consumes, gold to repair if needed )
  • Know your class
  • Know the fights, watch raid guides so you have general knowledge of the fights
  • Bring a good attitude we will not tolerate toxic behavior in and out of raids

Watch this video to see what we are all about

How to Apply


If you have any questions DM on discord



The guild is great! If you are a ret paladin, I can guarentee 100% windfury and GoA uptime!

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Looking for a Ret paladin and Warlock! If you’re looking for a long-term raiding family that has fun and downs all content, hit us up!

still looking to fill some dps spots, bump

Looking for a Holy Priest bump

Bump lookin for a Holy Priest

Bump looking for a tank

Looking for

1-Arcane Mage
1-Ele Shaman

Need some magic bois

bump still looking for a ele shaman, lets goooooo

Bump Looking for a DPS Shaman, ele or enhance.